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A range of lively and entertaining talks are offered.

Acid Etching on Fabric.

Creating a Cabinet of Curiosity.

Making Artefacts for Use in Projects.

Creating a Very Personal Book.

Subjects for talks echo those of the workshops and how and why I choose to use these techniques.

All talks include an overview of my practice and are illustrated by a collection of my quilts, stitched objects, boxes and books.

Talks can be arranged in conjunction with a workshop, take the form of a demonstration or stand alone and are tailored to your requirements.

Detail from Box Of Delights
Detail from Storytelling
Detail from Kate's Book Of Un-Common Prayer
Detail from Nevermore

1. Acid Etching on Fabric

This workshop introduces you to acid etching on fabric using devoré paste. Students create their own sample piece using layers of fabric, stitch, cords and found objects. Etching parts of the fabric away exposes the layers beneath creating a multi-textured sample.

Acid etching
Acid etching
Acid etching
Acid etching

2. Create a Cabinet of Curiosity

Many of us have a box full of small objects and collected ephemera, too odd or too scruffy to be displayed but much too precious to be discarded.
Well here is a wonderful way to bring those much loved bits and pieces together inspired by the Cabinet of Curiosities. Students will use paper, board and fabric to construct a small cabinet to display their treasured objects.

This workshop can be combined with the workshop "Making Artifacts for Use in Projects".

Cabinet of Curiosity
Cabinet of Curiosity

3. Making Artefacts for Use in Projects 

Making and using artefacts in your work adds a magical and very personal element to work. Learn to make paper or fabric beads, labels, small cast objects and simple tassels. Experiment with simple mould making techniques, paper mâché and polymer clay.

Students will also learn ageing and colouring techniques and different methods of adding objects to work.

Making artifacts
Making artifacts
Making artifacts
Making artifacts

4. Create a Very Personal Book

Starting with blank flat pages we use fabric, stitch, collage, paint, stamping, printing, bonding, photo transfer and found objects; in fact any method of embellishing paper or fabric to make an exciting one off book.

Students are shown a simple and effective no-stitch way to create their own books or journals.

Making Personal Books
Making Personal Books
Making Personal Books
Making Personal Books

Projects and Clubs for Young Students

Art is a wonderful outlet. It can be anything from a simple pastime to a burning passion. In this digital age we often forget that things can still be made.

These courses encourage young students to explore their imaginations and their world through the medium of art. Students are encouraged to find their own artistic voice following themes of collecting, scrapbooking and journaling.

Using combinations of text, drawing and painting, 3D construction, collage, photography and their imagination, students will find this an engaging experience.